Meet Antonio – Spanish Man Looking for New Challenges in Poland

Engineering for a startup

We at Beast like to bring different people together. Whether it’s regarding our own (international) team or our team and you guys – our customers, fans, followers, or just someone who randomly got lost in our blog section (welcome!). We are eager to know our customers – what you like and what you don’t like since what we’re doing is for you. But, we also want you to get to know us, our team. So here we are, yet another Meet the Beast blog post. Today we’re sitting down with Antonio. A Spanish man who moved to Poland for new adventures. Time to put your “geek” mode on, we’re diving into the world of engineering.

Tell us who is Antonio, introduce yourself shortly.

Hello hello! I am Antonio, a geeky and open-minded guy who likes enrolling into any new adventure! I (almost) always love to start new challenges whatever they will be. Personally, I think that the limits to achieving anything are those that we impose on ourselves and that the wealth of what we finally become is what we have learned in our path.

Beautifully said! Now, the most intriguing question – a Spanish guy, living in Poland and working at Beast, an Estonian Start-Up – how did that exactly happen?

I’m moving bit-by-bit to colder places! No seriously, a couple of years ago I had a “long” trip along Europe and I got enchanted by how amazing it is to connect with different mindsets. Kraków was one of those places that made me feel like home but at the same time it made me feel surrounded by totally new experiences so…here we are!
And with Beast, something similar happened. When you put amazing people working for an amazing product together you have the answer. I have loved Tesla since they launched the Tesla Roadster in 2008. When I saw what Beast was and who was behind it, I knew that was the best decision possible.

Spanish living in Poland
Developer for a startup

Explain your daily life at Beast, what it is that you do (for “dummies”)

I’m part of an amazing team of engineers who technically build the heart of Beast. On daily basis, we create and improve everything that makes the Beast Rent app do its magic.

Our app really is the heart of Beast, nicely said! Let’s take a step outside of Beast – how do you spend your free time?

A bit of traveling, a bit of meeting new people, and whenever I need to chill, video games are a good way to get lost in other worlds. In general, whatever activity I do, doing it with my friends is my top priority.

Let’s talk more about your travels. Do you have a favorite travel destination, and why?

That is a hard question! I couldn’t say that I have a favorite city or country in particular. But a couple of years ago I went on an interrail trip along Europe and it showed me how gorgeous Europe is. During those 33 days, I fell in love with each place almost every day. No matter if it was Italy, Poland, Slovenia, or any other country. I think I’m really lucky to have been born here.

App developer
Startup life

Imagine this: a crystal ball could tell you the truth about your life and future or anything else, what would you like to know?

Honestly, I might sound like our grandparents when we were kids and they always told us: “Happy birthday! I wish you health and happiness”. But the real thing is, I wouldn’t like to know anything else besides that my family, my friends, and I are healthy and having the best life possible.

A bonus question: If you could be a woman for a day, what would you do?

I’d spend it doing two things at the same time! No, honestly, this is what first came to my mind: I’d wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think: “Wow, I’m finally hot!” I’d go to the bathroom and be really annoyed by the toilet lid being open. Then by looking at my wardrobe, I think that definitely need new clothes and maybe a bra. The first place that comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret, so I’d visit the store. The selection of colors and sizes is out of this world and I think to myself “Omg why is this as hard?”. I’m finally done with shopping, but the expected 15 minutes turned out to be 1,5 hours. Of course, I bought a skirt – what a freedom to wear one!
Now being serious, what I would like or better said what I would hope is that all people I know would love me and treat me the same as how they do now being a man. That would mean that I am surrounded by the kind of people I want.

What a fun way to end our sit-down! Thank you, Antonio, we’re now letting you back behind your computer to keep on building our heart, our Beast Rent app. What a privilege to have you on our team. Your team and our customers appreciate everything you’ve done!

As always, the comment section is open for everyone to share your thoughts or ask Antonio some extra questions.

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