Welcome to Beast Business

Perfect for any company that needs vehicles for short or long-term rentals.

  • Team Hub

    Invite multiple team members effortlessly under one business.

  • Unified Payment

    One payment method for all of your team’s transactions.

  • Prices include VAT

    Clear, transparent pricing.

  • Monthly Invoices

    One consolidated monthly invoice available on request.

  • Access to Charging

    Use the charging cards or chips in the vehicle's armrest to charge for free at supported providers.

  • No Cross-Border Fees

    Travel across the entirety of Europe – book and pickup in one city and return in a whole other country.

  • Available 24/7

    Rent instantly through the Beast Rent app or book for later.

  • Fast Customer Support

    Fast, reliable, and genuinely helpful.

  • Custom Deals

    Operating with more than 10 team members? 🚀 Contact us for custom deals at [email protected]

Experience Awesome Travel

We operate in 8 countries:
Estonia 🇪🇪 – Finland 🇫🇮 – Latvia 🇱🇻 – Lithuania 🇱🇹 – Poland 🇵🇱 – Czechia 🇨🇿 – Slovakia 🇸🇰 – Austria 🇦🇹

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