From Czechia to Italy: Camping in a Tesla Part 2

Road trip with Tesla

Gear up for Part 2 of Pufflick’s Tesla road trip from Prague to Italy to back. If you missed the Part 1, you can catch up right here.
Part 2 takes us from retail therapy near Milan to jaw-dropping mountain drives, and coastal camping adventures in Genova (scuba divers included). Navigate traffic, explore ancient cemeteries, and discover the beauty of Cinque Terre. This part of the journey is filled with surprises, let’s jump right in…

Skipping Milan and Retail Therapy

After our time in Bergamo, we decided to skip Milan due to my girlfriend’s previous modeling experiences there. However, we couldn’t resist the nearby outlets. At Serravalle outlet mall, we shopped while the Model Y charged at the Tesla supercharger. Retail therapy and recharged batteries? Perfect combination!

Coastal Tesla Camping in Genova

Oh man, if you ever get to do the drive from Serravalle to Genova, trust me it’s worth the toll road. Amazing views and going down from the mountains through all the tunnels was simply an amazing driving experience. The handling and acceleration of our Tesla made it an unforgettable driving experience.

Genova turned out to be bigger than we expected, making it a challenge to find a quiet spot to sleep. But just outside the city limits, we stumbled upon a cute parking lot by the coast. That’s where we set up camp for the night. Talk about a hidden gem!

The next morning, the once peaceful parking lot was bustling with activity as scuba divers arrived. Luckily, nobody noticed us tucked away in our Tesla thanks to the tinted windows. Breakfast at a charming coastal café set us up for the day’s adventures.

Tesla road trip

La Spezia and Cinque Terre

We made our way to La Spezia, the starting point for exploring Cinque Terre. But let’s just say it wasn’t exactly our cup of tea. To feel safe, we booked a cozy B&B and relied on Tesla’s Sentry mode for added peace of mind. Safety first, always!

Cinque Terre was everything we had hoped for. The villages were beautiful, and we soaked up their charm. As our journey drew to a close, we aimed to reach Austria, making quick charging stops in Verona before setting our sights on Innsbruck.

Cinque Terre

Navigating Unexpected Challenges

Just when we thought we had it all planned, a construction site on the highway threw us a curveball. The exit to our intended supercharger was unexpectedly blocked off. That led to a few minutes of stress as we found ourselves with only 28% battery remaining and Innsbruck still roughly 150km away. Fortunately, the high altitude worked in our favor. The entire journey from the border to Innsbruck was mostly downhill, which meant our battery didn’t drain much. In the end, we arrived with ample charge, but it was certainly an initial scare.

After Innsbruck, it was all about the drive, occasional charging, and making our way back to Bratislava, where my girlfriend lives. Spent the night there before returning to Prague. Cleaning up the car brought a tinge of sadness as the adventure came to an end.

A Love for Tesla

This trip solidified my love for Tesla. The car exceeded my expectations, and camping in it was surprisingly comfortable. Thanks a lot to Beast for this journey. I can’t wait to embark on the next adventure—more memories and thrills await!

Traveling with a Tesla

Let’s Talk About Numbers

We know some of you are curious about the nitty-gritty details. So, before we wrap up this road trip series, let’s have a little fun with some numbers:

How much does such a trip with Beast cost?
This specific trip with Model Y Long Range lasted for 12 days, which makes a total of 2 256,36€ (if kept within the 300km per day limit). When looking at our pricing system: it was calculated as weekly price + 3-day price + 2 times daily price. 

How many kilometers were traveled?
Pufflick and his girlfriend traveled a total of 3380km within 12 days.

How many charging stops were made?
It’s hard to recall back the exact number of stops, but we recommend planning your Tesla trip with ABRP. When using this, you can plan your whole road trip with all your charging stops based on the exact Tesla model.

Thanks, Pufflick, for sharing your amazing road trip with us. You’ve truly inspired us to get out there and embark on our own adventures. Your story has been a blast to read! You’ve sparked our adventurous spirit and got us itching to jump into a Beast of our own and hit the road.

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