From Czechia to Italy: Camping in a Tesla Part 1

Tesla road trip

Ready for a new road trip story? Hop in and join Pufflick, our adventurous ambassador, as they take us on a relaxed journey through Europe in a Tesla. After our epic 2000km journey from Tallinn to Prague, one of our Beasts found itself lured back to the open road.

With Beast Rent‘s seamless rental experience and the freedom to cross borders without additional fees, Pufflick takes us on a wild ride filled with breathtaking sights, camping in a Tesla, and unforgettable memories. Are you ready to join the adventure?

Prague to Bratislava: The Journey Begins

Our Tesla road trip kicked off with a bang as I hopped into our sleek white Model Y Long Range in Prague. The first pitstop? Picking up my awesome partner and girlfriend, Janka, in Bratislava. Before reaching Bratislava, I only had to make one charging stop and recharged again in Bratislava before hitting the road.

Tesla road trip

From Austria to Venice: Camping in Comfort

We had our sights set on camping, so we packed everything, from blow-up mattresses and a foot pump to cozy pillows and blankets.

Off we went, our first destination: Venice! Sure, we could have powered through the drive in one day, but where’s the fun in that? We found a stunning spot by a lake in Austria and decided to spend our first night there. Sleeping in a Tesla for the first time was awesome! With the seats down, camping mode engaged, and the temperature just right, it was like a cozy dream. We ended up sleeping in and woke up to a mesmerizing foggy lake around 10 am.

Chasing Sunshine and Mountain Views

After a quick recharge, we hit the road again, constantly staying a step ahead of the rainy weather that seemed to be chasing us from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Crossing the Austria-Italy border treated us to breathtaking views of the Alps, with exhilarating tunnels weaving through the majestic mountains.

Upon reaching Venice, we treated ourselves to a well-deserved rest at a hotel that even offered charging facilities. Fully recharged, we explored the enchanting city for a day and night before making our way to Verona. We marveled at the city’s incredible center, indulged in gelato, snapped countless pictures, and then set our sights on the next destination—Lake Garda. We enjoyed a dinner with a view, indulged in birdwatching, and settled in for another night of Tesla camping. Oh, how we adored the sunroof, offering us an incredible display of stars. It was pure magic!

Camping in Tesla
Tesla camp mode

Rainy Adventures and Urban Exploration

The following morning brought rain, but undeterred, we headed towards the opposite coast and arrived in Bergamo. Charging was a breeze along the way, thanks to the convenient availability of superchargers. Honestly, there were so many that we lost count! Whenever we spotted a convenient Supercharger, we made sure to top up.

In Bergamo, as the rain poured down, we decided to take a break from camping and opted for a hotel instead. The next morning, we drove right into the heart of Bergamo, navigating through the narrow streets with caution. Thanks to the assistance of Tesla’s sensors, we managed to maneuver through the tiny lanes and immerse ourselves in the charm of the city center.

And that concludes part 1 of Pufflick’s road trip adventure!
Stay tuned for part 2 where he takes us on a city trip in Milan, camping by the beach in Genova, and much more.

As this journey shows, anyone can embark on their own Tesla road trip and discover the wonders of Europe. With our hassle-free cross-border travel and no additional fees, the possibilities are endless – buckle up and let the open road be your guide!

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