The best Christmas markets in Europe – Visit in your EV

It’s wintertime and the perfect opportunity to take your EV through some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. We’ll take a look at some of Europe’s coolest Christmas markets, where traditions from way back meet the modern perks of EV charging. From Vienna’s chic vibes to Krakow’s historic charm, each market’s got its own holiday magic. With twinkling lights and stalls filled with local crafts and tasty treats, you can park your EV and explore thanks to charging spots for your electric ride. These markets aren’t just about shopping and fun. They’re portals into a holiday wonderland, blending old-school vibes with today’s tech for a jolly good time.

Vienna, Austria: Famously one of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Our favorite of all of the best Christmas markets in Europe is also one of the most famous – Vienna. Vienna’s Christmas markets at Rathausplatz and Schoenbrunn Palace are like stepping into a holiday dream. The elegance of these markets shines through the traditional craftsmanship displayed in every stall, the aroma of mulled wine wafting through the air, and the intricate beauty of delicate ornaments. In addition, the streets around the market have plenty of hotdog stalls. Grab a delicious snack and make your way between the Christmas markets.

While you soak up the Viennese holiday charm, conveniently placed charging stations ensure that your EV remains powered up for exploration.

Krakow, Poland: Historical Charm and Yuletide Spirit

Krakow’s Christmas market at the Main Market Square resonates with the city’s historical charm and centuries-old traditions. The square transforms into a bustling center of festivities, with vibrant stalls showcasing local crafts and mouthwatering Polish delicacies. As well as the food and drink, mesmerizing performances and carol singers add to the joyful ambiance. In other words, it’s a fantastic, full-on winter wonderland.

Nearby EV-friendly charging stations ensure your EV is always prepared to get around Krakow’s enchanting streets and immerse in the market’s spirit without any concern.

Prague, Czech Republic: Old World Charm Amidst Twinkling Lights

Prague’s Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square twinkle with a magical allure during the holiday season. Czech craftsmanship takes the spotlight, offering an array of local delicacies, intricate glassware, and handcrafted ornaments. In addition, Prague is home to a phenomenal beer culture – beer drinkers will have a very festive time.

There are EV charging points strategically placed around the city center to guarantee that your electric ride is part of the festive cheer. This allows you to explore the city’s enchanting markets worry-free.

Vilnius, Lithuania: Cathedral Square’s Winter Charm

In Vilnius, Lithuania, the transformation of Cathedral Square into a radiant Christmas market captivates visitors with its charm. Traditional Lithuanian crafts, local gastronomy, and a breathtaking Christmas tree create a truly magical ambiance. They have put huge effort into making the city a winter destination over the past few years. As a result, it just keeps getting better and better every year.

You have charging stations located nearby. So your EV is always prepared, and you can explore this stunning market without any concerns. If you visit Vilnius, check out our guide to road-tripping in Lithuania, and make it an adventure you won’t forget.

Tallinn, Estonia: Old World Charm Amidst the Medieval Setting

Tallinn’s Old Town Square paints a picturesque scene during Christmas, blending local crafts, traditional Estonian cuisine, and a cozy ambiance within its medieval setting. Take a stroll through the square, have some drinks and local sausages, and check out the craft stalls. After that, it has a stage with different performances throughout December that you shouldn’t miss.

EV-friendly charging points ensure your ride is primed to explore the historic charm and festive delights of the city. Wander through the stalls, taste local treats, and above all, soak in the festive cheer without worrying about your vehicle’s charge.

One of the best Christmas markets in Europe - Tallinn, Estonia

In conclusion, these Christmas markets, steeped in tradition and festive splendor, open doors to an enchanting world. In our view, these are definitely some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. While each market offers its unique charm, the strategically placed EV charging stations ensure that your electric sleigh is always ready for an adventure. So, layer up, relish the mulled wine, savor the seasonal treats, and get yourself on a holiday wonderland adventure while keeping your EV charged and ready.

And remember, if you ever need to know where you can charge in a hurry, applications like PlugShare or ChargePoint show charging stations in real time. They show the station’s availability, and current status, providing excellent support during your travels.

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