5 Ways to Elevate Your Weekend Getaway with Beast

We’re committed to delivering an unrivaled rental experience. Now, we’ve made it even more convenient and accessible, and made it possible for you to tailor each rental to your needs. Here we’ve put together 5 ways you can elevate your weekend getaway, and use Beast Rent to experience the smoothest way to rent a Tesla.

1. Book in advance

Although just picking up a car when you need one can be practical, it’s much easier to plan your weekend trip if you know which vehicle you will have and where. By booking a Beast in advance, you have the luxury of choice and time.

We offer multiple benefits when booking one of our vehicles. To make life easier, you don’t have to worry about paying a deposit. And if you have Beast Bucks in your account you can use them to pay for your booking.

Beast Rent - Rent a Tesla in Estonia

2. Pick your Beast

We’ve all been there – at a car rental office, expecting the beautiful car we saw online, only to be walked to something underwhelming that’s available on the day.

When planning your weekend getaway with Beast in advance, you can pick the vehicle you want. We have a variety of Tesla models coming in different colors for you to choose from. You have the luxury of choice.

3. Rent a Tesla and cross borders

Enjoy the beauty of nature with Beast Rent's eco-friendly Tesla rental. Picture a Tesla peacefully parked in the midst of greenery, showcasing our dedication to sustainable travel. Feel the calm of nature as you explore Europe's stunning landscapes. Experience the comfort of our premium cars, with the added perk of free international travel across Europe. With Beast Rent, you can explore countries like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, and more while being kind to the environment. Choose Beast Rent for an easy, eco-conscious travel adventure

For us, this is the best way to elevate your weekend away. City breaks in your home country and staycations are nice. But there’s nothing quite like the sense of adventure you get from exploring the nature, towns, and cities of another country. With Beast Rent we have no additional fees for crossing borders.

Simply pick your vehicle up in one country, and drive it into the next. When you’re planning a road trip, check out which countries you can drive a Beast in here.

Oh, and don’t forget: with Beast Rent, you can pickup and return your vehicle in different locations. Want to take a road trip from Estonia to Poland, and fly somewhere from Warsaw? No problem! Select a pickup location in Tallinn, a return location in Warsaw, and off you go!

You can plan your route to include Tesla Superchargers using the Tesla app. Or to use other charging providers, you can use PlugShare,  ChargePoint, or Google Maps.

4. Explore Beast Travel Upgrades and Add-ons

We know that for every trip, everyone has different needs. To meet the requirements of anyone looking to rent a Tesla we introduced Travel Upgrades and Add-ons. With these, you can add additional services to your rental. Here are some examples of what we provide:

  • Deliver (and Return) to Address
  • Reduce Insurance Deductible to 200€/600€
  • Increase Included Energy to 500km/Unlimited
  • Additional driver
  • Roof Box
  • Child Seats
  • Pet Cage

Moreover, we also take requests to cater to every rental’s needs. For any special requests, reach out to us and someone from the Beast Rent team will reply as soon as possible. It’s that easy.

5. Rent a Tesla model that suits you

We have four tiers – Explorer, Executive, Elite, and Epic. Having four different tiers, with different models on each makes luxury experiences more accessible to everyone. It’s never been easier to rent a Tesla.

Beast Rent Pricing image.

*Visit our pricing page for up-to-date prices.

Beast Rent offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility for enhancing your weekend getaway experience. By booking in advance, choosing your preferred vehicle, and crossing borders seamlessly, you can elevate your adventure to new heights.

With a range of add-ons and multiple pricing tiers to cater to every traveler’s needs, it’s never been easier to rent a Tesla. So, whether you’re planning a city escape or a cross-country road trip, trust Beast Rent to provide the smoothest and most luxurious experience possible when you rent a Tesla.

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