How to Earn Passive Income with Tesla – Kaisa’s Story

Passive income

It’s finally here! Our fully contactless P2P (people-to-people) platform is now up and running, allowing Tesla owners to earn extra income by adding their vehicle(s) to our existing Beast Rent platform. Today we’re sitting down with Kaisa – our “guinea pig” if you will. She was excited about the platform so a few months ago she added her two Teslas to our platform, for testing. Let’s hear her thoughts and story…

To kick things off, please introduce yourself shortly

Hi, I’m Kaisa, my passion and superpower is real estate, this is the thing that keeps me occupied daily. I have been keeping my eye on investing in real estate, but let’s not talk about that today. Today I am here to share my thoughts about my latest passion and investment – Teslas.

We’re grateful to have you as our first Partner! How did you find your way to Beast?

My husband! He has been part of Beast team for a few years, but I wasn’t paying any attention to these cars at first. We used Beast Teslas mostly on our holidays and I didn’t understand the Tesla hype that was in Estonia already then. Recently I started to notice that there is a big demand on the market for this product. I was introduced to the possibility to put my car in the Beast Rent app and offer it for rentals. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but then I decided to take the risk, go with the flow and cross that terror barrier.
I bought my first Model Y Long Range. Since I want to be visible and wanted my Tesla to be visible, I decided to give this Tesla an extra cool look with this army green matte vinyl. Also I got to name this one myself – Army Duck. After a few months I already got the feeling that I need more cars. I checked all Teslas that are available now in Estonia and found one that caught my eye – a pearl white Model 3 Long Range. I figured, this is the Tesla people want to rent for their weddings and other events like such, hence the name – Lucifer’s Bride.

Renting out my Tesla
Model Y Long Range – Army Duck
Investing in Teslas
Model 3 Long Range – Lucifer’s Bride

Let’s talk numbers – How much have you made on average with both models and what have been your costs?

I am not the kind of person who likes to brag about numbers. I guess it’s similar to Airbnb apartments. You can rent out one apartment for a long time and have a smaller monthly income or take bigger risks and rent it out for shorter periods at a higher cost. Beast Partners program is like that, the main focus is on short-term rentals and the numbers don’t lie! I wouldn’t have bought a second or third car if the results did not impress me. My current costs are only when I’m using the cars myself and charge them. But these charging costs compared to an ICE vehicle are basically like buying window washing fluid.

Imagine a person looking for investment opportunities, which would you suggest for them to start from first – real estate or Teslas?

For these fresh ones in the investment market, I wouldn’t say take this or take that. You need to feel what is the thing that attracts you and follow your passion. Maybe it’s real estate, maybe cars, maybe crypto… Only you know, but the most important part is to just start.

Passive income with Tesla
Photo credits: Riina Vaikmaa

Are you planning to expand your fleet, if yes, what other models are you interested in?

I’m already thinking about getting more and more Teslas. I imagine how I want them to look, and what cool names to call them. They are like my pets. So now I have 2 kids, an energetic mini bull terrier, 2 pet cars, and a third arriving soon. I have seen Tesla Cybertruck, I don’t like the design much, but I think this will also one day arrive in my Blonde Billionaire fleet.

What have been the pros and cons of being a Beast Partner?

I love to hear from time to time that Army Duck is the car that catches everyone’s eye and people want to rent and try it. I’m very happy with the look I chose for this car. I think there haven’t been any cons, now I feel like I should change my personal daily car (golden Range Rover with rally seats) also for a Tesla. To be honest, I’m already viewing some cool vinyl catalogs to get a feeling of what color this one should be. I often use the Teslas myself and I like the seats, the big panoramic roof, and all these software-related things. The self-driving part still scares me a little, I know this is also the future, but I still like to drive the old way…without autopilot.

Earn extra with Teslas
Photo credits: Riina Vaikmaa

What are your recommendations for current and future Tesla owners, who are looking to join Beast Partners?

If you have a Tesla and you’re a fan of these cars then go for it. People at Beast are super cool (yes, I know some of them) and while you are on a holiday, let your car earn some money for you to help you to catch your dreams. 

Well, thank you, Kaisa for sharing your thoughts! Again, we’re excited to have you on board as a Beast Partner. Indeed, your Model Y Army Duck really is one of the bestsellers.
Like with Kaisa, all Beast Partners can choose which Tesla model they’d like to add to our fleet. All Partners can choose if and how they’d like to wrap it, if and which Beast stickers they’d like to add, and of course, how they want to name it.

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