Ballzy Beast: The Coolest Tesla You’ve Ever Seen

Ballzy Beast

Do you remember Ballzy Beast, the most jaw-dropping Tesla Model 3 out there? If not, let us refresh your memory here. After an epic journey spanning 9 months and 4 countries, we’ve finally arrived at our destination. With several thousand kilometers behind us and the trunk now emptied of sneakers, let’s take a closer look at what went down and how our campaigns were built.


First up on our adventure was Estonia, the birthplace of both Beast and Ballzy. Pairing up stunning sneakerbaes with our badass car was the ultimate recipe for breaking the internet. And boy, did we succeed! We launched our project with mind-blowing pictures from our kickass photoshoot, along with an incredibly generous giveaway. We kept the hype going for a duration of 4 weeks, but everyone was so pumped up that we couldn’t simply end our project there.

Ballzy Beast


Our next stop was Helsinki, where we teamed up with the Hypend management. In collaboration with them, we created 4 epic videos and a series of stunning photos, all while giving back to the sneaker community through a massive giveaway. Oh, and how could we forget Isac Elliot? He was such a fantastic “model” for one of our videos!

Isac Elliot
Isac Elliot campaign


Can you even imagine the challenges of getting a car inside an ice hockey rink? Well, neither could we until we finally pulled it off. It took us a solid 45 minutes to position the car perfectly in the middle of the ice. But all the effort and brainstorming paid off as we captured some incredibly clean photos and created a pretty cool video:


With the arrival of winter, we made the decision to let the Latvian community in Riga take the wheel of the Ballzy Beast Tesla for a couple of months. We waited for the sun to return, and when it did, it was go time! Ballzy Beast adventure came full circle, just like it started. With a killer combo of gorgeous models, a slick car, and a clean location, we knew we couldn’t go wrong. And of course, we wrapped it all up with an unforgettable final giveaway.

Chicago Dunk 75th Anniversary
Cool Tesla wrap

Both teams are now overflowing with unforgettable memories and had an absolute blast. We want to extend our deepest appreciation to all those who made the Ballzy Beast project a reality. A tremendous “thank you” goes out to each and every one of you!

Long live Ballzy Beast!

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