Creating the Most Awesome Social Media Campaign


Yes, we’re proud and yes, we think it’s the most awesome social media campaign we’ve ever launched. Together with Ballzy (the biggest sneakers, streetwear, and basketball gear reseller in Northern Europe), we created a real eye candy – a Tesla Model 3 wrapped as a sneaker.

The start of the campaign

We at Beast have always looked up to Ballzy. The way they have built their brand and recognition in Estonia is really admirable. We felt that our vision, values, and just overall vibe just match, so of course, we had to get in contact with them. After several back-and-forth e-mails and meetings later we had a plan – let’s wrap one Beast Tesla looking like a sneaker.

Creating the look

At the end of 2021, in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the NBA, Nike teamed up with the NBA to release a Chicago Bulls-themed Nike Dunk Low. Perfect! The sail/black/chile red/black colorway just hits differently, we immediately saw it as the perfect fit. Choosing the car – why Tesla Model 3 SR? Firstly, it had to be a Model 3, no way a Model Y or Model X could pull off a look of a Nike Dunk Low. Since the car was available for rent from the Beast Rent app or from our pre-booking, we chose Tesla Standard Range. We wanted to make this cool-looking Tesla as affordable as possible for the renters.

Tesla wrap
Chicago 75th anniversary

Launching the campaign

First things first, the name. We had a few ideas – Hype Beast, High Baller, Sneaker Geek… But we decided to keep it simple, so Ballzy Beast was the winner. The day after the car was wrapped, we took it out for a photo shoot, where talented photographer Keir Rämson got some great shots with Ballzy models. At the beginning of August 2022, our 4-week campaign was launched in Estonia. Our followers on Instagram went loco. Likes started piling up from the minute our collaboration post was uploaded.

Giving back to the community

We wanted to spoil our followers and fans, so every week, for four weeks straight we gave away 150€ worth of Beast Bucks aka driving credit together with a pair of these Chicago Dunk Low 75th Anniversary sneakers. In order to participate, all we asked was an Instagram follow on both accounts and posting a story when spotting the Ballzy Beast. The rentals for this specific car went up as well. Ballzy Beast was driving around all over Estonia, mostly in Tallinn but quite a lot of time was spent in Tartu and Pärnu as well.

Ballzy Campaign
Sneaker girls

When two youthful and ambitious brands put their heads together, only cool things could come out of it, right? Well, the real judges here are the people of course, but when looking at the engagement, I think we did well. Since both Beast and Ballzy are born in Estonia, it only made sense we’d launch our campaign here.

BUT, ladies and gents, this was just the beginning! Estonia is not the only country we both are operating in so stay tuned!

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