Tesla App – Top 10 Features You Need To Know

Tesla App

With the Tesla App, you have full control over your vehicle. When owning a Tesla, the Tesla App is an inseparable part. From viewing your vehicle’s status, locking or unlocking, climate control to charging, scheduling to security just to name a few. Today we’ve brought out the 10 must-know features you’ll want to take advantage of in your daily life as a Tesla owner.

1. Lock/Unlock With Tesla App

No more fumbling for keys or running back to check if you locked the doors. With the app, you can lock and unlock your Tesla with just a tap. And the best part? You can do it from anywhere.

2. Climate Control on Demand

Keep your car at just the right temperature, even when you’re away. The climate control feature lets you set your cabin temperature and enable overheat protection. Of course, the camp mode and dog mode features are done with just one tap. You can even defrost your car during wintertime before you get in.

3. Full Control of Your Vehicle

Open and close your Tesla’s trunk, frunk, and charging port – all that from your phone.

Tesla automatic unlock
Tesla camp mode

4. Charge With Ease

Select your desired range and charging speed with ease. You can even schedule your charging during off-peak hours to get the most affordable price. Is your Tesla already fully charged, but can’t access the car immediately? With the app, you can unlock the charging cable when you’re blocking the charger and make room for fellow EV owners.

5. Plan Your Trip with Schedule

With the schedule feature, you can plan your next road trip ahead. Enter your charging stops and times, and your Tesla will precondition the battery for optimal charging.

6. Use Your Phone as Your Key

The “Phone as Key” feature automatically detects and unlocks the doors when you’re nearby. When you’ve set up your phone as a key, you can also gain access to your Tesla cameras so you can see live footage of what is happening around your vehicle.

Tesla remote
Tesla app features

7. Customize Your Driving Experience

Flash your headlights, honk the horn, turn on Sentry mode, activate valet mode, or set speed limits. In need to share your Tesla with a friend or a family member? You can even start your vehicle from the app at a distance.

8. Stay Up to Date With Your Vehicle

With the Tesla app, you can always be sure your Tesla is safe and know the real-time, exact location. The app notifies you once it needs service and lets you know all the updates your vehicle needs.

Tesla's App
Tesla Summon

9. Summon your Tesla

Although at the moment this feature only works with a key in the EU, it allows you to control your Tesla like an RC car. In the US, the Summon will automatically drive your car to you with the push of a button.
Read more about the Summon here.

10. Notifications

Get push notifications about anything that you need. It alerts you in case of security breaches, alarms, whether your cabin temperature is achieved & more. This way you’ll always know what is happening with your Tesla, whether you’re away from home, or someone bumps into your vehicle in the parking lot.

That’s it, the 10 features that make your life easier as a Tesla owner.
To all of you thinking about buying a Tesla, maybe this is the required motivation to go and purchase one!

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