Is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Feature Worth the Money?

Is Tesla Full Self-Drive worth it

In our last blog post, we dived into the Tesla Autopilot world, explaining the differences between Standard and Enhanced Autopilot. As promised, we’re taking a closer look into Tesla’s Full Self-Drive feature (FSD) in this post. Tesla’s Autopilot itself, which uses technology to increase the safety of travelers around the globe, is already a very impressive technological advancement in today’s world. But what about FSD? Is it worth it? What can it possibly offer that the Enhanced Autopilot hasn’t already? Well, let’s have a look!

Let’s talk numbers

First things first – how much does it cost? The FSD option isn’t included in every Tesla. Instead, you must buy it as an extra. According to Finnish prices, the FSD feature is a whopping 7500€ extra for your Tesla. Which makes us wonder: what do you get for that price?
The FSD package includes all the features of the Standard & Enhanced Autopilot (read more about these in our last blog post), but also comes equipped with new features such as:

Traffic Light and Stop Sign Detection

This feature allows your Tesla to stop in front of stop signs and detect red lights. This also includes roundabouts where there may not be traffic lights or stop signs, but Tesla will still detect the need for a stop. (In the EU, this feature is in beta mode, the main difference is that when your Tesla stops, you must pull the Autopilot stick or tap the accelerator to continue driving).

Autosteering on the city streets

This feature allows your Tesla to navigate city streets with little to no input from the driver. Currently, this feature isn’t allowed in most parts of the world for legal reasons, but it’s only a matter of time before the autosteering feature will be available on a global scale. Tesla Autosteering works like an automatic GPS – you enter a location, and the Tesla will drive itself there.

Tesla Full Self-drive

How does FSD work?

The FSD has a feature where it can “see” the world around it. The system uses a combination of cameras, radar, and ultrasound sensors to detect and track other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects on the road. This makes your Tesla safer and more efficient by allowing it to make decisions and take actions based on the traffic situation.

It’s important to remember that FSD is not intended to replace the driver, but to support and enhance the driving experience, even when FSD is fully operational.
PS: FSD is not currently legal in the EU, but we at Beast are hopeful that it’ll be very soon!

There you have it! A simple, all-you-need-to-know walkthrough of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature. What do you think, is it worth the money? Well, it sure makes your journey more convenient and safer.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Standard and Enhanced Autopilot feature!

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