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The Tesla fun keeps on rolling! Thanks to all of you who made our Pilot episode a smashing hit, we’re back with a fresh batch of electrifying updates for S01E02 of Teslaverse. If you didn’t catch the first post, no worries, you can find it here. As always, Beast wishes to take all the credit, but the real hero behind this project is Jaan from The EV Universe. He’s on a mission to connect the whole EV ecosystem into one and make it accessible to everyone.

A quick reminder before jumping into episode 2:
This blog post is a quick overview of Teslaverse #2. You may call it a trailer, or episode highlights. If you wish to have more comprehensive info we recommend switching your tab to Teslaverse #2: What Tesla wins of NACS — Cybertruck spotted — Model 3 Highland.

But if you chose to stay and get a quick overview, then here we go…

NACS benefits for Tesla

Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard, previously known as Tesla charging connector) has taken the EV industry by storm. It’s smaller, more powerful, and has gained unexpected support from major automakers like GM and Ford. With Tesla dominating the EV market in the US, this move brings massive benefits for the company.

Firstly, Tesla becomes a Charging Network Operator, earning revenue from every kWh delivered. Analysts estimate that this could bring in $3 billion in additional revenue by 2030. Secondly, the increased visibility of Teslas at charging stations creates a powerful brand presence. Non-Tesla drivers will be exposed to the product, leading to word-of-mouth marketing and potential sales. Thirdly, through the Tesla app and the Magic Dock (built-in NACS→CCS adapter), Tesla can educate and engage users, nudging them towards purchasing a Tesla vehicle.

While some Tesla owners may be concerned about the changes, the opening of the network and the adoption of NACS will lead to more convenient charging experiences and potentially more successful charging sessions. However, there are a few downsides to consider. Tesla owners may face longer lines at charging stations due to increased demand. The average reliability of NACS may not match Tesla’s impressive 99.95% uptime, as it relies on various charger providers.

In terms of profitability, Tesla aims for a 30% gross margin or around 10% profitability for Supercharging, but the inclusion of NACS, public charging access, and NEVI funding may impact these figures.

Overall, Tesla’s dedication to building a reliable and widespread fast-charging network has benefited the entire EV industry. It’s a win-win situation for Tesla, automakers, and EV adoption as a whole.

Here are some of the companies Jaan has gathered that have announced the adoption of Tesla’s NACS so far:


The Company

Tesla held its Annual Shareholder Meeting on May 16th. Watch the live stream here or the supercut here. And here are the 169 slides.
Perhaps the most notable takeaway: Musk committed to trying advertising to reach more people. And not one, but two new ~$25k next-gen vehicles are being developed.
Tesla canceled the right-hand drive Model S and X globally. (link)

The Vehicles

Model 3 Project Highland vehicles under some camo have been spotted in California last week. New headlights and HW 4 cameras confirmed. (photos)

Model S Plaid with track pack sets a new record for production EV at Nürburgring with 7:25.231, beating the record holder Porsche Taycan Turbo S by 8.119s (video 7min).

Tesla engineers took the Cybertruck in a full wrap through an In-N-Out in California (video) (link). Musk says “It’s a tradition.”
Tesla reportedly revealed a plan of building 375k units of Cybertrucks annually, likely reaching this sometime around next year. From the looks of it, the deliveries (to employees and Tesla insiders) by the end of Q3 2023 are still likely.

Musk reportedly said Tesla doesn’t expect to begin producing the Semi in larger volumes until the end of 2024 due to battery supply constraints. (link)

Tesla Highland
Cybertruck in-and-out

The Tech

First tests show that the Made-in-Berlin Tesla Model Ys that are now using BYD blade battery cells over CATL’s Kirin cells have a significantly better charging curve (link).

Also, different 3rd party Tesla analytics providers have noticed FSD Beta updates being downloaded on various markets in Europe and Australia (link), most likely referencing employee cars that are actively testing the features outside the US.

Musk also reiterated last week that Tesla is “happy to license Autopilot/FSD or other Tesla technology.” (link)

The OTA software update 2023.20 added:

  • will let you preview all nine of Tesla’s cameras (video), instead of only the cabin camera previously;
  • see how many miles it’s been since your last tire service (manually resetting it yourself after service);
  • the car will only show drivers’ climate settings on the display if no one sitting in the passenger seat.

The Sales

In case you missed it, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in the world, of any fuel type, in the first quarter of 2023. (link)

Tesla has started some discount campaigns in the UK, like offering a free Wall Connector to anyone who buys a Model 3/Y at a test drive event in the UK, or a cash-for-clunkers (aka scrappage) program, where trading in a ≤£2,000 fossil car can get you up to £4k off a Model 3 or Y. (link)

We hope you enjoyed this first Teslaverse!
Episode 3 will be out in a month, so we do recommend keeping an eye on our blog section or subscribing to The EV Universe newsletter.

Huge thanks to Jaan for producing our Teslaverse #2.

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