Tesla’s Autopilot Explained – All You Need to Know

Tesla's Autopilot made easy

Tesla’s Autopilot is a feature, that when equipped, makes your trip a lot safer, more comfortable, and easy. It’s not your regular cruise control. It uses a range of different sensors to avoid crashes, detect sudden movements in traffic, match your speed with others, and even assist in steering within a clearly marked lane. The research has been done, and Tesla Vehicle Safety Report reveals that when Tesla’s Autopilot is engaged, it’s ten times safer to drive than with the average vehicle. Tesla’s Autopilot has a lot of features and levels from which to choose, let’s have a deeper look.

SAP – Standard Autopilot

The Standard Autopilot comes equipped with every Tesla that you can buy. It features Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. Autosteer can be used to travel on the highways without holding the wheel, the Tesla will do the work to keep you in the lines of the road. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control looks for any sudden traffic changes around you. It will warn you in case of a possible collision before you, the driver, notices anything.

EAP – Enhanced Autopilot

The Enhanced Autopilot is SAP on steroids. Although you must buy the EAP as an extra package onto your Tesla, it is more than worth it! (In Finland, the Enhanced Autopilot option is an extra 3800€ for the Model 3).

The EAP features:

  • Auto Lane Change. Using your blinkers, it will assist you to switch lanes automatically
  • Navigate on Autopilot. (Beta version) Helps you to travel more safely, suggesting when to switch lanes or navigate you through the best, and fastest route
  • Automatic Parking. No more stressing over parallel parking, the car will park itself
  • Summon. Using the Tesla app, Summon helps you to park the car (Model 3) while you are standing outside the vehicle
  • Smart Summon. This allows the car (Model 3) to come to you (using your phone’s GPS as a target destination) or to a location of your choice. It navigates through the environment, maneuvering around and stopping for objects as necessary. How sick is that?!
Tesla's Autopilot

FSD – Full Self-Driving

If you thought EAP is crazy, you’re not ready for this! The FSD comes equipped with everything mentioned above, and more. It features Traffic and Stop Sign Control, Autosteering along the streets, and much more. This feature needed a separate blog post, read more about FSD here:
Is Tesla Full Self-Drive Feature Worth Its Money?

Tesla’s Autopilot feature is an impressive and innovative addition to the company’s vehicles. Its advanced safety and convenience features make driving more enjoyable and efficient. The system’s ability to navigate city streets and highways with a high degree of accuracy is truly impressive. Of course, Tesla is constantly working to improve the system with more advanced features and capabilities.

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