5 reasons why we fell in love with Pärnu, Estonia

“Summer in Pärnu!” It has a nice ring to it, right? Whether you’re local or just visiting Estonia, the summer capital Pärnu is a must-visit city, especially in the summer. Just 130 kilometers from Tallinn and you’ll find yourself in a little paradise. Beaches, restaurants, activities, festivals, spas – it has it all. The Beast team has put together the TOP 5 locations in Pärnu, from a local’s perspective:

1. Pärnu Beach

Well, we have to start with the main attraction – Pärnu Beach. Known for its infamous beautiful sand, lots of cafes, spas, and different activities. It has its own promenade to walk to the sunset, a surf club, beach volleyball, and mini-golf. What more could you ask for? There is definitely a lot to do in a day, and with sunny weather, the time just flies.

2. Valgerand

10-kilometer drive from the heart of Pärnu and we have Valgerand with a range of activities from disc golf to a 6-course adventure park. Why not grab your buddies, hop in a Beast Tesla in Pärnu center and go shoot some discs? What if I don’t like discs? Valgerand also has an 18-hole golf course, so you can enjoy your type of golf at any time. If you get tired and need to relax a little, Valgerand is located on the Coast of Pärnu, which means that sandy beaches are just a walking distance. Chill under the sun, have a swim, grab a bite – you can do it all and it’s also less crowded than Pärnu Beach.

Man playing golf
Discgolf in the woods

3. Jõulumäe

Had enough beach chills and already a little sunburned maybe? Just a 20-minute drive and you are greeted with nature and fun! Jõulumäe has skiing trails, MTB trails, and lots of hiking trails. It offers a wide range of ball courts, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and more! It has three different disc golf courses, motion tracks, and table tennis. And whenever it starts to rain, Jõulumäe also features an inside gym and an ice bowling alley to keep you dry and active.

4. Rüütli Street

If it’s time to dress up and take a break from nature, we have the perfect suggestion – Rüütli street. The street runs through the old town of Pärnu and features historical buildings alongside beautiful restaurants with good food and an even better atmosphere. At the start of the street, there is also the Tallinn Gate together with Valli Park, both of which are a sight to see.

5. Soomaa

Peaceful and quiet Soomaa is known for its beautiful landscapes and bogs. To explore it, there are a couple of ways: firstly, you can take a canoe trip. It’s an adventurous and fun way to get around, but Soomaa is also covered in wooden trails, which gives you the opportunity to go bog-walking. Go at your own pace, capture the fauna, and enjoy the fresh air. Just a 50-minute drive for you to go enjoy the gorgeous scenery in Soomaa and what better way to get there, than with a Beast?

Pärnu beach

There you have it, our top locations for a little getaway in Pärnu. Best to stay there for a couple of days and since summers in Pärnu are very busy and crowded, we do recommend booking your stay ahead!

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