Everything You Need To Know About Charging a Tesla

Tesla charging

“I have no idea how to charge an electric vehicle, it looks waaaaay too complicated and time-consuming, I’ll better stop at a gas station for 5 minutes and I’m good to go.” We all have said or at least heard someone say something like that, right? We know, it may look a little complicated and uncomfortable at first, but trust us, it really isn’t! It’s easy and those extra minutes spent are not only cheaper than gas, but you’ll also be doing a huge favor for our planet. Although there are a couple of aspects to consider when charging – which charger to choose and how it exactly works. So let us jump right in and see what you need to know about charging a Tesla.

1. Different chargers for a Tesla

1. Portable charger

This AC (alternating current) charger is the slowest one there is and provides only up to 3 kW of power, which makes it very slow when compared to other chargers. Although it is slow, it is simple and convenient, since you can insert the cable to the nearest 220V electrical outlet at your house!

Pro-tip for saving money: leave your car in the garage for charging during the night, when the electricity is cheaper.

2. Type 2 charger

A Type 2 charger provides up to 22 kW of power. This usually gives about 60 – 100 km of juice in an hour into the Tesla. A Type 2 charger is also an AC charger but has 240V instead of 120V. A Type 2 charger is nowadays a pretty old solution, thankfully, soon enough, it will be replaced with our next and faster option, the CCS charger.

3. CCS charger

The CCS charger is considered a fast charger since it can achieve up to 350 kW of power. CCS charger is a DC (direct current) charger, which enables it to reach higher charging speeds. It has 200-450V.

PS! DC charger will damage your car battery more over time since the car needs to regulate the power input relative to the condition of the battery. It’s also more expensive because it uses more power.

4. CHAdeMO

You can also use a CHAdeMO charger, but for that, an adapter is required. The adapter will convert the CHAdeMO into a regular Type 2 charger which then allows you to charge up to 50 kW. For older Model S and Model X, there is also a CCS adapter, which converts the CCS into a Type 2, since the older models didn’t come suited with the CCS port.

Charging Beast
Enefit charging Beast

2. How to charge – 6 simple steps

  1. Sit inside the Tesla and press the “Car” icon on the screen. Then press “Charging”.
  2. Press “Open charging port” (PS! You can also unlock the charging port by pressing on it outside of the car).
  3. For the Type 2 charging cable, take out the cable, and insert one end into the Tesla, and the other into the charger. For a Fast Charger (CCS), take the cable from the station and insert it into the Tesla.
  4. If you’re renting a Beast, find a suitable charging card located under the center armrest and go to the charger. (Outside Beast, you’ll need either a charging station’s card or their app).
  5. Wipe the card in the shown location.
  6. Press the blue button “Start” for Type 2 chargers. For Fast Chargers (CCS), if the charging cable is inserted before wiping the card, then it should start charging automatically.

When all this is done, make sure to check your screen inside the car, there you’ll see if your Tesla is actually charging and how many minutes until fully charged.

Charging a Tesla

Video – How to charge a Tesla | Beast Rent

3. Charging stations for Beast customers

When renting a Beast, charing is always included in the price. Here’s a list of charging stations in all of our locations:

Enefit Volt



Virta (Helen)

PS: If you’re planning a road trip in the Baltics then in our Latvian and Lithuanian cars you’ll also find Enefit Volt, Alexela, and Eleport charging cards to use in Estonia. In Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland Tesla Superchargers are available without charging fees or cards.

You have done everything correctly, but still face some problems while charging? We have brought out the 5 most common problems while charging a Tesla, with solutions of course – read more here.

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