Vehicle Maintenance Best Practices for Beast Partners

  • Regularly check and maintain battery charge levels, and charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check and maintain tire pressure, alignment, and tread depth
  • Inspect and replace worn or damaged parts (e.g. brakes, belts, hoses)
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and use only genuine replacement parts
  • Keep a record of all maintenance and repairs performed on the vehicle
  • Keep the exterior and interior of the vehicle clean and free of debris
  • Ensure that all safety features (e.g. seat belts, airbags) are in proper working order
  • Make sure the vehicle is legally registered and has all necessary inspections and certifications
  • Regularly inspect and clean the charging port and connectors
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storing and charging the vehicle when it is not in use
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