Vehicle Maintenance Best Practices for Beast Partners

Vehicle must meet standard hygiene requirements, such as:

    • No offensive odors from tobacco smoke or pets
    • No presence of mold
    • No significant and irremovable stains or tears in the interior details (including seats)
    • Exterior and interior of the vehicle are clean and free of extensive debris and trash
    • A functioning air conditioning and ventilation system to circulate fresh air

If you’re not a Partner in Tier 1, please follow these guidelines:

  • Regularly check and maintain battery charge levels, and charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check and maintain tire pressure, alignment, and tread depth
  • Inspect and replace worn or damaged parts (e.g. brakes, belts, hoses)
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and use only genuine replacement parts
  • Keep a record of all maintenance and repairs performed on the vehicle
  • Ensure that all safety features (e.g. seat belts, airbags) are in proper working order
  • Make sure the vehicle is legally registered and has all necessary inspections and certifications
  • Ensure there are no conflicting agreements for your vehicle that prohibit participating in the Beast Partners program
  • Regularly inspect and clean the charging port and connectors
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storing and charging the vehicle when it is not in use

Make sure to also review the list of anticipated wear and tear items.

Updated 01.04.2023 (

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