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About Beast

Beast enables anyone to rent a Tesla with ease by providing a contactless 24/7 service that’s awesome, convenient and environmentally conscious.

No paperwork, no keys, no hidden fees – just grab your phone and go. 

Beast is a sustainable mobility startup founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2020, providing a premium Tesla rental service in many European cities with the vision of becoming everyone’s number one choice by providing the most awesome experience possible.

Our mission is to speed up the process of switching to electric vehicles by transforming the concept of vehicle ownership and travel. We are committed to reducing congestion, optimizing parking space, lowering the wear of roads, removing tailpipe emissions, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

We provide:
Instant rentals
Beast+ subscription rentals
Beast Partners [P2P solution for Tesla owners]

As a company, we uphold the values of positivity, relentlessness, smartness, and transparency. We believe in assuming good intentions, relentless precision and care, doing things smarter not harder, and taking pride in sharing our beliefs, failures, strengths, and decisions. We strive to take real action and have an optimistic approach to challenges we encounter.

We are also a proud member of Ecologi, and like to go above and beyond to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to climate change solutions.

Media Contact

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Press Kit

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Press Releases

Catch up on our most significant announcements and news, see Overview of Press Releases.

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If you’re a Beast customer and you need assistance, please send a message through Intercom or contact our customer service team at [email protected]

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