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At Beast, we believe that sustainable alternatives need to be more fun and attractive than the existing options. To be blunt, in our eyes, there’s no 🍏 in the mobility industry. Our mission is proudly shared with Tesla – accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy by first driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles. Our vision is to become everyone’s #1 choice by providing the most awesome experience possible.

Beast is driven by technical and passionate founders alongside an absolutely relentless and deeply dedicated team. As a team we value the significance of creating a work environment that nurtures innovation and growth. We are looking for very talented individuals and will want you to succeed at what you do.

Our Values

We at Beast are..


We approach life with a positive attitude and assume good intentions from others. We believe that a can-do spirit is the key to overcoming life’s challenges and making progress, knowing that a positive attitude can lead to great things.

The greatest discovery is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.

William James, philosopher, psychologist


We are driven and dedicated, pursuing excellence in everything we do with precision and care. We act with kindness and mindfulness towards everyone, including our planet.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister


We strive for efficiency and effectivenessdoing things smarter, not harder. We are constantly learning and growingtaking accountability for our mistakes and using them as opportunities to improve and become better.

Intelligence is not just about what you know, it’s also about what you can learn.

Elon Musk


We value openness and honesty, sharing our values, beliefs, and experiences with one another, committed to being transparent and clear in our communication, both in terms of information and our emotions, to build trust and foster a positive and productive environment for all.

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.

Spencer Johnson, author, speaker

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on creating a work environment where employees feel empowered and trusted to do what they believe is best for Beast. With the support, resources, and autonomy they need to succeed, our team members can make significant contributions to our mission. We encourage innovative thinking and are open to breaking norms when the situation calls for it. Our values guide us in all we do, fostering a positive, relentless, smart, and transparent culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Beast, we value a diverse team where a range of perspectives strengthens our mission and makes us more successful. We’re committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the company, offering opportunities for growth, learning, and understanding. We believe that a diverse team enhances our ability to innovate and adapt to new challenges.


Joining our team means becoming part of a dynamic and vibrant workplace where we prioritize the well-being and engagement of our team members. We go the extra mile to show our appreciation through competitive remuneration packages, including enticing stock options that align your success with the company’s growth, and exclusive Beast merch that showcases our pride in being part of our innovative journey.

Always remember

Required skills and experience provide a general overview of the competences that are sought after. We use it as guidance to determine objectively if you could be a great fit for the job.

With this being said, if a position speaks to you and you're able to articulate your thoughts explaining why you should be considered regardless of what you studied and did in the past, we want to hear from you!

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