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Model X Long Range – WHT/BLK

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  • Full Self-Driving

  • Pearl White

  • 500 km

  • 6 People

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179,99 €

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You’re currently looking at a fabulous Beast, this one is called (pet-named) Flying Fridge. It’s the Tesla Model X with a beautiful Pearl White coat and black/ashwood interior. It has 6 seats, and lasts for ~500 km on a full charge, living up to its Long Range title.

After you book, we will confirm it and send you a link to verify your driver’s license via Veriff and ask you to sign the rental agreement. These two steps take just a few moments and are very simple.

We will bring this Beast to the pick-up point or address you chose 15 minutes before the start of the rental time. Upon meeting, we’ll fill you in with all you need to know about operating the given Tesla and answer all possible questions that might arise during the briefing.

For assistance during the rental, just give us a call at +372 5593 0444.

After the rental ends, we will come and pick up the vehicle at the same place where we handed it over.

Be sure to have a look at this quick video before the start of your rental:

→ Model X

Here’s an overview of our pick-up & drop-off locations when you book through our website at

Mustamäe – Mauruse Maja, address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 92

Nõmme – Järve Selver, address: Pärnu mnt 238

Lasnamäe – Prisma Lasnamäe, address: Mustakivi tee 17

Kesklinn (City Centre) – Viru Sokos hotelli parkla, address: Viru väljak 4

Põhja-Tallinn – Telliskivi Loomelinnak, address: Telliskivi 60a

Haabersti – Rocca al Mare, address: Paldiski maantee 102

Ülemiste – Ülemiste Keskus, address: Suur-Sõjamäe 4

Pirita – Pirita Selver, address: Rummu tee 4

If you are planning on coming to the pick-up point with your personal car, there’s an option to exchange the vehicles at the chosen point at the beginning of the rental for free. In this case, we hand over the Beast and take your vehicle to our warehouse which is insulated, guarded with security systems and cameras and located within the borders of Tallinn. Your vehicle will be returned to you when the rental ends.

🧼 We hand over every Beast in good condition – it’s clean, has a charged battery (up to the limit recommended by Tesla experts, approx. 80% of the total volume) and is ready for usePlease note that bringing the Beast to the destination will use a few percent of battery as well. 🙂

🔙 The Beast can be returned with a low battery capacity, but has to have at least 40 kilometers of range.

🅿️ Parking is free in all public parking areas. In addition you can also park for free in the Tallinn central area/Kesklinn zone (this does not include the Südalinn and Vanalinn zones). Parking is also free in other bigger cities in Estonia, such as Pärnu and in the A & B central zones of Tartu!

→ If you’re planning to use public or central area parking lots that have a time limit, please be sure to mark the start time of your parking according to the instructions provided by the parking signs or area. Every Beast is also equipped with a manual parking clock. 🕒

→ While renting a Beast, you are obligated to pay for parking in private parking lots (Ühisteenused AS, EuroPark OÜ etc.) immediately before or after parking. If private parking is not paid for, we will request the amount of the parking fine and expect it to be paid for immediately to the bank account of Electric Beast OÜ. If the parking penalty is not paid on time, a surcharge of 15 EUR will apply for each day of delay.

🛣️ You can drive up to 500 km in one day, but be sure to plan a few charging stops on the way. After the 500th kilometer (within 24 hours) we charge an additional 0.10€ per km.

🔋 See our dedicated video on how to charge a Tesla right HERE. Every Beast comes with necessary equipment for charging (home charger for any standard outlets + Type 2 → Type 2 cable or CHAdeMO adapter). You will also find Eleport & Enefit Volt charging cards that you can use at the providers charging stations. You can use these to charge your car for free when the juices start running low, charging is included in the price.

P.S. You can charge at Enefit Volt stations until the battery is full (to the set limit) or for a maximum of 4 hours at once. After either of these occasions you need to free up the charging space for others.

⚡ PlugShare is a great site and app to see any and all nearby charging stations on a map wherever you are! You can also plan a proper fully electrical trip with PlugShare, just start here.

🖥️ It is forbidden to clean a Beast’s center console screen with chemical cleaners or wet wipes. There is a special dry microfiber cloth in every glovebox for cleaning the screen.

🚭 We ask you to keep the Beast smoke-free! In case of smoking in the vehicle, a contractual penalty in the amount of 350 EUR is added to the rental fee.

⛔ Beast vehicles must not be taken to automatic car wash stations, washing streets or any other car wash services that use abrasive brushes. If the prohibition is ignored, a contractual penalty in the amount of 400 EUR will be applied.

NB! If you return the vehicle late, a contractual penalty in the amount of 25 EUR will be applied for every 30 minutes of delay.


In addition to all of the above, you will find the following items in your car to add more comfort to your journeys (you can use all of these free of charge):

🧴 small bottle of disinfectant

👐 cleaning wipes for hands (wet wipes with disinfectant)

🚘 cleaning wipes for the car

🕒 parking clock

☂️ umbrella

❄️ ice scraper with a snow brush (only during Cold Season)

🔌 USB → iPhone charger (lightning cable) + USB → Android charger (microUSB cable) + USB → USB-C charger (for newer Androids and iPads)


Please let us know before starting the rental if you also want the following equipment in the vehicle (no additional charges will be applied):

💺 child seat (suitable for children 9-36 kg)

🐶 pet transportation cage for your furry friends (you can choose from 2 sizes: S/M – 50x76x48 cm or L/XL – 61x91x58 cm)


🇪🇪 🇱🇻 At the given moment we only allow travelling within the borders of the Republics of Estonia and Latvia.

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Full Self-Driving


Pearl White

Driving system



500 km


6 People

Vehicle class

Long Range

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